Learn to play almost any song, in a fun, step-by-step course

Hello and welcome! My name is Rob. I started learning ukulele with YouTube videos and books. However, it wasn’t until I moved to Hawaii that I really began to appreciate the instrument.  On Oahu, I studied with two of the most prestigious ukulele schools in Hawaii, visited ukulele stores throughout the islands, and spent time with the owners and luthiers of ukulele factories. Now I am back on the east coast, based in Brooklyn, and I want to share my love of this instrument with others. I’ve developed ukulele courses that will provide you the tools to quickly play any song, across genres, in a fun, step-by-step course.

Compared to other ukulele teachers: I will not teach guitar, nor do I believe that ukulele needs to be a gateway instrument to guitar. I believe that ukulele is an instrument that anyone can learn. However, what is needed is a systematic approach to learning the instrument. Simply Ukulele is the program that I wish I had when I was getting started playing ukulele.

Why Ukulele Lessons are generally ineffective

  • Learning a song, not learning the instrument

    By using YouTube or other tutorials, you are only learning what the instructors are teaching, rather than being able to learn any song, in any key, on your own.  I will teach you the essentials to how to simply learn any song.

  • Impossible to understand lessons

    If you need to watch or read something many times and still not fully grasp what is being explained and how you can use it, it’s simply not effective.

  • Playing a song like you want to play a song

    Ukulele is about having fun, not worrying about whether you are playing exactly the same way as others.

  • Limited qualified ukulele instructors

    Unless you live in Hawaii, it can be difficult to find an ukulele instructor. Just because someone says they teach ukulele does not mean that they know what they are doing.

  • Theory heavy resources

    Most ukulele players do not need to know a lot about music theory. It’s a “nice to know” but really unnecessary for people who just want to play.  Simply Ukulele uses as little theory as possible.

  • Boring songs

    With Simply Ukulele, you will learn popular songs that you will enjoy playing. When you like the song, it doesn’t feel like practice.

  • Vague Goals

    With Simply Ukulele, the goal is to play almost any popular song in any key on the instrument. You don’t need to spend a lifetime on expensive lessons with vague goals, or merely learn songs on YouTube.

The Simply Ukulele Difference

  • Simply Taught

    Courses for the complete beginner and those looking to take it to the next level. Through this courses, you will learn things and immediately apply them. And, you will do this while playing popular rock, pop, and folk songs. By the end of the first course you will learn dozens of songs and learn all of the essential chords. Once you have learned how to play the basic chords, Beyond Beginner is a better way for advanced beginners to learn more chords. And in the process, you will quickly gain a better understanding of your instrument.

  • Simply Fun

    When you learn with this method, you will experience the joy of songs immediately. Few exercises. And as little theory as possible, I promise!


  • Simply Efficient

    Each lesson of Simply Ukulele is set up to be as efficient as possible. That means, videos are kept short, so you can learn, improve, and have fun at your own pace.


The Wrong People For Simply Ukulele

  • If you want to learn a ton of scales and exercises, Simply Ukulele is not right for you
  • If you only want to learn how to play Jazz, Simply Ukulele is not right for you.
  • If you want to learn a lot of theory. There are lots of great resources to learn music theory, however Simply Ukulele is not one of them.
  • If you want to be Jake Shimabukuro. There is only one Jake, and you are not him. So, if you want to be Jake Shimabukuro, Simply Ukulele is not right for you.

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